In the extremely materialistic and polarized modern society the intellectual values such as humaneness, kindness and generosity have been pushed back to the background.

As an incarnation of human kindness, honesty, unselfishness, in other words - chivalry, Don Quixote’s inspiring character’s charm is necessary to have a certain sobering influence on human psychology, make people stop and look at themselves through Servantes’ eyes, ponder about their life, goals set before them and the means to achieve them, and maybe draw some conclusions.

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In the light of the above, I, Vardan Vardanyan, founded the “Don Quixote Humanitarian” Fund. Why did I name the fund “Don Quixote Humanitarian” and not by the name of David of Sasun, Genghis Khan, Cesar, Napoleon, Macedonian or Captain Nemo?

The bright character of Don Quixote distinctly stands out among other world-famous figures. He is loved and admired by all nations. In order to help the weak and deprived he is ready to fight the windmills, this endlessly kind hidalgo belongs to the whole world and has no rivals. By exalting him we exalt a star for all humanity the warmth of which without crossroads, interpretations or mediators reaches people’s hearts regardless of age, sex or nationality.

We encourage to make the grave of the talent a holly place

People, do not be afraid to be a little like Don Quixote. And to fight and struggle only for the sake of love, to be with the loved one, and to make the beloved happy.

The goal of the Fund is:

To create a representative office of the Fund in Yerevan.
To establish a “Don Quixote of the Year” annual award.
To erect Don Quixote monuments in all major cities of the world.
Sponsor and fund projects perusing noble goals, and campaign for their development.
In order to receive international acknowledgement and to honor the creator of the great character of Don Quixote, the Fund will initiate a pilgrimage to the grave of the great Servantes dedicating it to the 400 anniversary of publishing of Don Quixote.

The pilgrimage will be carried out using medieval knight armor, Don Quixote riding a horse and Sancho Panza on a donkey. The pilgrimage will pass through all European cities and will last approximately 8-9 months.

The project will be directed to mid-age and young people, who finding themselves in the vortex of social, political and economic competition cannot find time for intellectual and spiritual values.

I believe that great Servantes lived and dreamed for our sakes, so I urge today to live and dream for his sake.

With great respect and sincere hope for your moral and financial support in reaching our goals.