Only organizer takes part in protest with axes

The founder and only member of Don Quixote Humanitarian Fund Vardan Vardanyan with two axes in his hands staged a protest today near Monument to Martiros Saryan. He protested against pardoning the murderer Ramil Safarov. 
"I made these two bloody axes myself," he told A1+. 
The only participant of the protest action wrote the names of Ilham Aliyev and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on the paper axes.

"I consider these two men as accomplices in Safarov's crime and for that reason I will present the axes to them," Vardan Vardanyan said. He is going to hand the axes to the Hungarian consulate, and if the consulate staff refuses to take it, he will leave the axes in front of the consulate.

"I will give Aliyev's axe to the Hungarian consulate. It is a friendly country. They will pass it to Aliyev," the protester said. 
Asked why his protest action was so belated and why he did not take part in the protests staged outside the Hungarian consulate, Mr. Vardanyan replied: "I have lived in Vanadzor for 40 years. This is the reason why I did not react promptly".