Pilgrimage to the tomb of the great Cervantes

To our deep conviction international recognition is the precondition for the realization of the project of our fund. In order to achieve this recognition we have planned to organize the theatrelized pilgrimage to the tomb of the great Cervantes.
We are going to realize the pilgrimage in the nature of immortal heroes of Cervantes - the figurative characters of Don Quixote and Sancho Pansa, in medieval chivalrous appearance, namely Don Quixote on a horse and Sancho Pansa on a donkey.
This nearly 30.000 kilometers long route will pass through all European capitals, during the tour meetings, we will introduce our plans and goals to the society. As it is simply unreal to pass the mentioned distance on foot, as it will last from 5 to 6 years and will simply bore people by not reaching our goal, we plan to move with the animals from city to city by a vehicle.
In this way our travel will last from 9 to 10 months, and will reach and serve its aim without boring people and the society in general.

  During the pilgrimage, according to the route, the group will also visit and lay wreaths on the graves of all nations glorious sons who proved by their lives and deeds that they were the worthy followers of Great     Cervantes and his immortal heroes.

  Our plan has been fully and positively approved by the Ministry of Diaspora of Armenian Republic. The head of the Department of the European Communities Hrach Aslanyan promised to support the process of informing the local authorities, as well as a very important process of reception and farewell during the whole travel. In this way the difficulty concerning the foreign languages will automatically and simultaneously be solved.
  The first Vice Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Samvel Avetisyan promised to organize the animals vaccinations and realize the provision of medical service and relevant documentation arrangements.
Hence we willingly or unwillingly will be representing and introducing our country and people during the travel, we consider our proper appearance as an essential condition.
The necessary means:
  A horse, a donkey, as well as the tent and sleeping bags will be provided by the founder/promoter of the foundation of his personal means. We kindly ask you to support the realization of this patriotic project within the limits of your possibilities.




Friends, the planned pilgrimage and the fund’s successful activities are based on society’s benevolent attitude to the fund.
Not pushing the behind the our daily work, problems and concerns, we plea to stop for a second, to forget the daily routine and to think about what outcome and what rebound will bring to the society an event like pilgrimage to the grave of Cervantes.
First off, this action pleas to bow afore the Genius, regardless of his nationality and religion.
With Don Quixote’s “spear” we open the closed borders.
This project means proclamation of war to all wars.
Don Quixote and Cervantes belong to everyone and everyone consider them their own heroes.
The most significant – and we do hope on this – that this action will find a respond in all nations.
Today we live in a reality, where in every country the national communities claim to be a full member of the society of the given country, and for that common interests and moral needs to exist. Don Quixote can be the common hero and a source of common interest. \
New common human award “Don Quixote of the year” will be created, which will contribute to the humanity and tolerance worldwide.
A new area of activities will emerge among artists, sculptures, painters, writers.
Acquisition and revival among the communities of national minorities in various countries.
And finally, hopefully our young generation will eventually read the genius Cervantes’s “Don Quixote”